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 Celia Canfield {staff_suffix}Celia Canfield, Development Advisor

As a marketer with over 25 years of print and Web publishing experience, Celia Canfield is skilled at developing communication programs that reach diverse audiences and achieve measurable results for clients.

After getting her feet wet at print publications such as BassMaster and BusinessWeek's Careers, she launched an English-language magazine, Business Monthly, in Cairo, Egypt. Upon returning to the U.S., Celia assumed executive positions in high tech publishing at some of the industry's leading publishers:  M&T Publishing (now CMP Media), IDG, and Ziff Davis. In 1995, she led the launch and marketing of ZDNet, Ziff Davis' critically acclaimed website.

For 8 years she built a successful custom content creation agency as a co-founder, Tendo Communications (, before leaving in 2007 to start her own marketing consulting firm, Ecovertex. Celia has planned and developed communication programs for many successful global companies such as: Aon, Apple, Cisco, Microsoft, McKinsey, IBM, Motorola, MCI, Oracle, Adobe, and Honda.

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