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A story worth listening to!

July 09, 2010 by Kailani Joy

From Annie Leonard and the makers of a very noteworthy short film "The Story of Stuff" comes a new story - one that we all need to hear - "The Story of Bottled Water"

  "We're trashing the planet, we're trashing each other, and we're not even having FUN!"

This story is important and imperative that we not only listen to but repeat to our friends, neighbors, and all we come in contact with.

Watch and learn the truth – where the water comes from, what it contains, and where the bottles go. Enjoy the story and then pass it on!


A Few Facts:

-    In 2008, bottled water was the second largest selling drink in the U.S. market
-    24 percent of the bottled water found on American shelves is actually purified tap water
-    In 2008, Americans consumed approximately 8.6 million gallons of bottled water.
-    The recommended daily water requirement for sanitation, bathing, cooking and consumption is approximately 50 litres per person per day
-    Even though Americans make up the majority of the bottled water market, in 2008, 53 billion gallons were consumed globally
-    Over 1.5 billion people do not have access to clean, safe water.
-    Over 1 billion people use less than 6 litres of water per day

Read more: Bottled Water Statistics | and


Stay tuned for more impactful stories and features from around the globe and around the corner.

Learn. Share. Repeat.

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