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Volunteering isn’t what it used to be -

September 15, 2009 by Ian Bryan

If you are following us on twitter and in facebook, you may have come across EcoJoe. He sure keeps popping up on our screens:


We had a little back and forth with the deceased Saint, who let us know that he was planning on attending AND VOLUNTEERING at West Coast Green. Keeping in mind that dead Saints usually don't have much to offer a volunteering community, we ended up on his website...

According to the site:

The centuries old practice of burying a statue of St. Joseph on real estate for sale is reputed to enlist the Saint’s assistance in finding a buyer. Before Joseph became the patron Saint of real estate, he was Jesus’s foster father on earth who taught Jesus the trade of carpentry. He always saw to it that Jesus was protected and well housed.

The tradition is about trust, belief and sincerity, not greedy intentions to make more money in a real estate transaction. Today, thousands of home sellers and real estate agents continue the tradition of calling upon St. Joseph to help sell their property with successful results.

EcoJoe™ is a greener alternative to the current St. Joseph products on the market. It is made with 100% eco-friendly materials. Unlike the plastic St. Joseph products on the market, EcoJoe™ will not poison the earth if left buried.

You can purchase your own EcoJoe here, OR, meet the Saint in person at West Coast Green in just a few weeks.


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