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Sessions, Speakers, & Attendees

Zem Joaquin

What's Your Dare2

What's Your Dare

Tim Owen Kennedy Standing Room Only

Tim Owen Kennedy Presentation

Tim Block, Home Depot With Leonard And Award

Table Topic Session 2

Table Topic Session

SolaRover Outside Civic

Sim Van Der Ryn & Michelle Kaufmann




Scott Bader, Lorraine & Ted Kinnamon

Sarah Susanka Booksigning

Omer Gaudette

Networking Session 2

Networking Session

More Attendees

Mark Johnston Presentation

Lynelle Preston Cameron Presentation

Luminaries Session 2

Luminaries Session 3

Luminaries Session

Leonard Robinson, EPA

Josiah Cain Presentation

Jessica Switzer 2

Jessica Switzer

Jessics Switzer 3

Hunter Lovins Session

Hunter Lovins Listening

Jay Hall, Sean Culman, Mark Palmer & Heather Newbold

Heading To The Nap Room

Eric Corey Freed Presentation 3

Eric Corey Freed Presentation

Eric Corey Freed

Developers Roundtable 5

Developers Roundtable 4

Developers Roundtable3

Developers Roundtable 2

Developers Roundtable2

David Suzuki & Donald Aitken

David Susuki Booksigning

David Johnston Presenting

David Johnston

Developers Roundtable

David Johnston, Gary Gerber & Cynthia Simon

Daren Joy & Sarah Susanka

Dare Cards

CleanTech Session Questions

CleanTech Session


Bill Reed Session

Bill Reed Offstage

Bill Reed At Podium 2

Bill Reed At Podium

Bill Reed At Flipchart

Awesome Volunteers


All Wrapped Up

Affordable Housing Session


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