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Homeowner Day

We recognize that informed consumers are the new force driving the market. Among its many innovations, West Coast Green is proud to provide a special Homeowner Day open to the public for access to the full tradeshow as well as special presentations geared to the homeowner’s specific curiosities and knowledge levels. You’ll have direct access to the information, products, suppliers, and implementers needed for your green architectural and remodeling dreams to become a reality. You can expect to find:

  • Answers to every question you have and to many you never even knew you had
  • Opportunities to meet the vendors, touch and compare products, and learn all about what goes into creating your new recycled countertop.
  • Learn enough to specify many of your own materials.
  • If you’re the one slinging the hammer, you’ll get all the hot tips you need to hit the nail on the head (into certified, sustainably harvested lumber, of course).