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Interactive Spaces

Google Classroom
You know you’ve always wanted to! Would you like to document your ideas, save and access them at a later date? You are cordially invited invited to SketchUp your ideas in our Google room, thanks to our creative, forward thinking green-minded partner Google. Pencil pocket protectors available onsite.

Time Outs Never Felt so Good...
Back by popular demand! Nap Room Time outs never felt so good…stare at your eyelids, read a book, just think, listen to some soft background music.

The Futures Room
Now available in green: Time Travel! Whether you wish to get a feel for San Francisco in the year 2057, shop for technological gadgetry yet to come, or attend middle school in an off-the-grid, high-tech classroom, the futures room promises a rocket-fuel-free, imaginative experience for all.

Got a Burning Question?
Get them answered during our new speaker office hours. Meet our presenters and get the most up to date technical knowledge, on-the-ground expertise, and visionary wisdom on topics ranging from building science and public policy to the psychology and philosophy of architecture.

Government & Policy Salon
This salon, hosted by Green Technology, will provide attendees an opportunity to engage with public officials who are directing ground-breaking "green government" programs in California and to discuss the strategies, goals and accomplishments of these programs.

"Remodel 2030"
"Remodel 2030" is the new television series that takes an in depth look at design, construction techniques, costs, and results of a whole house, green remodel, able to comply with the criteria of the Architecture 2030 challenge. "Remodel 2030" is produced and directed by Michael Mattioli of Hi-Fi Productions, and world premieres at West Coast Green September 21 from 12:30-1:30 in Larkin Hall.