Be the first to experience the mkLotus™ modular home on display at Civic Center Plaza during West Coast Green. The mkLotus™ is the newest design by Michelle Kaufmann celebrated architect of the Sunset Breezehouse™ and built by XtremeHomes™. This beautiful, healthy home is a peaceful oasis that collaborates with the land. This home offers the latest high-performance systems and sustainable materials and methods, which dramatically reduces its impact on the environment, as well as your energy bills. This home is built utilizing off-site modular technology.

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High Performance, Energy Efficient Building Systems Include:

This GreenPoint Rated home features: a living roof, LED lighting, innovative green building materials, indoor & outdoor living. Off site modular technology results in 50% - 70% less waste than traditional site building.

- Green "living" roof
- 100% solar generator power
- Rain and groundwater catchment system
- Gray water system: collected water from sinks and shower is recirculated to toilets
- Exterior siding: low-maintenance, long-lasting integral color cement board and FSC certified wood
- Sheathing and floor + ceiling framing: FSC Certified Wood
- SIPS wall assembly (Structural Insulated Panels)
- High performance, energy efficient spray-in open cell foam insulation
- On-demand water heater
- Energy Efficient HVAC System
- Double pane, Low-E, wood windows and glass doors with aluminum cladding

The Interiors of this Beautiful, High Performance Home Feature:
- Sustainable layout for maximum cross ventilation and natural lighting
- No-VOC paint
- Interior sliding door panels comprised of 40% post-industrial reclaimed material

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Features:
- FSC certified wood cabinetry
- Fly ash concrete, rice hull, and recycled porcelain aggregates countertops
- Eco-friendly/low-flow plumbing fixtures by Kohler
- LED lighting
- EnergyStar appliances

Eco-Friendly Bathroom Features:
- FSC certified wood cabinetry
- Floor and wall tiles contain 55% recycled glass
- Eco-friendly plumbing fixtures, low-flow shower head, mixer, and dual-flush toilet by Kohler
- LED lighting

mkLotus show garden:

The mkLotus garden seeks to educate and inspire, giving the visitor a vision of how sustainable landscape practices can be interwoven to create beauty that is truly at home with its environment. Designed by Nicholas Thayer of Late Afternoon Garden Design, the garden expresses the same environmentally conscious progressive design ideas the mkLotus house embodies.

Among the unique features of the garden, the design incorporates an infiltration swale of native plant material to echo the home's rain water catchment system and living roof. Constructed from locally sourced recycled and reused materials; using urban forest landscape timbers to create the shell, large scale concrete containers to highlight unusual plantings, and tumbled ceramic tiles and safety glass in the garden lounge.

The planting composition based on Bay Friendly Landscaping principles for the garden is drought tolerant, composed of wildlife attracting materials, blending California and Mediterranean climate natives together to create a tapestry of color and form. Contact information and portfolio at:

If you are interested in learning more about the mkLotus™ home, please visit: Michelle Kaufmann Designs.

Major Partners

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