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2007 Daily Schedule

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Larkin Hall Opening Plenary
Larkin Hall

Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco

Sarah Susanka, Author, The Not So Big House, Architect, Susanka Studios

Bob Berkebile, FAIA, Principal, BNIM Architects

Steve Wozniak, Chief Visionary Officer and Co-Founder, Apple Computer
AIA Unit Credit It Takes Two: Quality and Durability in Green Building

Peter Yost, Residential Program Manager, BuildingGreen, Inc.
EPA Lifecycle Building Challenge Awards Ceremony
Larkin Hall

Stephen L. Johnson, Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Wayne Nastri, Regional Administrator, U.S. EPA Region 9

RK Stewart, President, American Institute of Architects

Brad Guy, President, Building Materials Reuse Association
New Expectations: Adapting to Climate Change

Raymond Cole, Professor, School of Architecture, University of British Columbia
An Extremely Unusual Look at Green Building

Eric Corey Freed, Architect, LEED AP and Principal, OrganicARCHITECT
  Global Ecology

Sergio Palleroni, Professor, University of Texas at Austin
Eric Corey Freed, Architect, LEED AP and Principal, OrganicARCHITECT
Cameron Sinclair, Co-founder, Author, Design Like You Give a Damn, "Architecture for Humanity Author, Design Like You Give A Damn"
302 Blue Egg: Hatching a Green Building Business

Patti Purcell, President,
Cheryl Dahle, West Coast Bureau Chief, Blue Egg
Inhabitat Presents to Green Designers From Around the World

Jill Fehrenbacher, Editor-In-Chief, Inhabitat
Emily Pilloton, Managing Editor, Inhabitat
The West's Green Building Trends Past, Present and Future – Including Your Inspired Ideas

Peter Whiteley, Senior Writer, Sunset Publishing
Dan Gregory, Senior Editor, Sunset Magazine
Media Salon
Intersection of Sustainability and Spirituality

David Johnston, President, Whats Working, Inc.
AIA Unit Credit Implement the 2030 Challenge for Pennies

Dennis Allen, President, Allen Associates
AIA Unit Credit Advanced Knowledge From Forty Years Of Bau-Biologie Science and Building Science

Mary Cordaro, Certified Bau-Biologist, President & Founder H3Environmental
Stephen Scott, Western Regional Manager, EMF Services
Richard Scarborough, President, Environmental Inspections + Solutions, Inc.
Vince Cord, President, Polytech Environmental HVAC
304 AIA Unit Credit Cost Effective Techniques for Green Building

Steve Easley, Construction Consultant, S C Easley & Associates
AIA Unit Credit Effective Authentic Marketing for Sustainable Business

Eric Loebel, Director of Business Development, Sustainable Industries Journal
AIA Unit Credit Harmony, Beauty and Sacred Geometry

Richard Feather Anderson, Founder and Teacher, American School of Geomancy
305 AIA Unit Credit Passive Solar Design

David Arkin, AIA, Principal, Arkin Tilt Architects
Business Transformation Boot Camp

Chris Stanton, CEO and Strategic Advisor, KSG Transform
Barbra Batshalom, CEO, The Green Roundtable/NeXus
AIA Unit Credit Solar Panel

Pamela Wellner, Regulatory Analyst, California Public Utilities Commission
Jori Zimmerman, West Coast Residential Sales Manager, Conergy
Amelia Amon, President, Alt. Technica
306 AIA Unit Credit Adapting the European Passive House Concept in the USA

Nabih Tahan, Principal, Nabih Tahan, AIA, MRAI
Katrin Klingenberg, Architect, e-co lab
AIA Unit Credit Four Green Housing Case Studies: Low to High Density

Katherine Austin, Architect and Chair of National AIA Housing & Custom Residential Knowledge Community, National AIA Housing Knowledge Community
Anne Torney, Architect, WRT/Solomon E.T.C.
AIA Unit Credit Finding the Algorithm for Community Planning and Land Development

Tom Steinbach, Executive Director, Greenbelt Alliance
Geoff Syphers, Chief Sustainability Officer, Codding Enterprises
Guy Patterson, Housing Planner, Resort Municipality of Whistler
David Rousseau, Principal, Archemy Consulting Ltd
307 Getting Your Green Project Funded

Paul Wingate, Director of Sustainable Technologies, tlc Capital Solutions
Paul Holland, General Partner, Foundation Capital
AIA Unit Credit Greening Project Management

Ann Ludwig, Consultant, Project Management Consulting
Bill Gallagher, LEED AP, Daedalus Projects Incorporated
How to Get Unusual Designs Approved

Eugene Tsui , AIA, NCARB, APA, Ph.D., Principal, Tsui Design & Research, Inc.
Darrel DeBoer, Architect, DeBoer Architects
Dan Smith, Principal Architect, Daniel Smith and Associates Architects
David Eisenberg, Co-author, The Straw Bale House, Co-Founder and Director, The Development Center for Appropriate Technology
312 Ecocity Design

Allen Green, Principal, Green Planning
Richard Register, President, Ecocity Builders
AIA Unit Credit Building Today's Communities for Tomorrow's Climate: California's Built Environment Climate Policies

Panama Bartholomy, Advisor to Chairperson Pfannenstiel, CA Energy Commission
AIA Unit Credit Sustainable, Transit Oriented Development

Jeff Ordway, Manager of Property Development, San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District
Timothy Rood, Principal, AICP Architect
Michael Dieden, Principal, Creative Housing Associates
313 AIA Unit Credit Urban Permaculture: Whole Systems Eco-social Design Solutions

Katherine Steele, Founder, Urban Permaculture Guild
Ingrid Severson, Lead Organizer, Rooftop Resource Project, Bay Localize
Where are houses headed, and am I ready?

Mark Laliberte, Building Science Specialist and Trainer, Building Knowledge
AIA Unit Credit Production Builders Speak

John Suppes, President, Clarum Homes
Amy Christopherson Bolten, Director of Community Relations, Christopherson Homes
Duncan MacKenzie, FSC Marketing, Natural Forest Distribution
Peter Erickson, Real Estate Developer, Urban Fund, Inc.
314 Green Construction Companies' Perspectives

Bob Massaro, CEO, Healthy Buildings Management Group, Inc.
Chris Avant, Owner, Canyon Construction
Mike Kerwin, Co-Founder, Lorax Development
AIA Unit Credit Actively Passive: Straw Bales, Solar & Beyond

Dan Smith, Principal Architect, Daniel Smith and Associates Architects
Dietmar Lorenz, Associate, Daniel Smith and Associates Architects
Green, Clean, and Unseen: Indoor Air and Health in the Home

Anthony Bernheim, FAIA, LEED A.P., Principal, Western Regional Director, Sustainable Design Solutions, HDR Architecture Inc.
Eric Werling, Indoor Environments Division, EPA
315 AIA Unit CreditHealthy Homes, Healthy World

Tom Lent, Policy Director, Healthy Building Network
AIA Unit CreditNew Green Building Materials and Products

Alex Wilson, Founder & President, Building Green, Inc.
Creating Green Business for the Not So Faint of Heart

Tom Cooper, Principal, Environmental Design & Research, Kaiser Permanente, NFS
Ted Reiff, Executive Director, The Reuse People Of America
316 AIA Unit CreditENERGY STAR for Homes and Cool Colored Roofs

Kathy Diehl, ENERGY STAR Program Manager, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
AIA Unit CreditHow Will We Biuld When Oil Ain't Cheap?

Bruce King, Director, Founder and Structural Engineer, Author, Buildings of Earth and Straw and Making Better Concrete
AIA Unit CreditEnergy Efficiency Panel

Nabih Tahan, Principal, Nabih Tahan, AIA, MRAI
Steve Glenn, CEO, Living Homes
Matt Golden, President, Sustainable Spaces
317 Water: How Much? How Hot? How Fast?

Gary Klein, Project Manager, CA Energy Commission
Steve Lehtonen, Executive Vice President, Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors of California
AIA Unit CreditThe AIA Committee on the Environment’s Top Ten Green Projects Awards

Henry Siegel, Principal, Siegel & Strain Architects
Kira Gould, Co-author, Women in Green, William McDonough and Partners
Accelerating Green Business Development

Myan Baker, Senor Consultant, Economic Transformations Group
Donald Simon, Attorney, Wendel, Rosen, Black & Dean
Eric R. Hansen, PhD, President, Economic Transformations Group
AIA Unit Credit Introduction to Building Science and Houses That Work

Gord Cooke, Trainer & Marketing Specialist, Building Knowledge
AIA Unit Credit Air Sealing and Insulation

Gord Cooke, Trainer & Marketing Specialist, Building Knowledge
AIA Unit Credit Indoor Air Quality

Gord Cooke, Trainer & Marketing Specialist, Building Knowledge
404 AIA Unit CreditBeyond Recycled Content: Is that Product Truly Sustainable?

Kirsten Ritchie, Director of Sustainable Design, Gensler Architecture Design & Planning Worldwide
AIA Unit CreditBiomimicry: Looking to Nature for Interior Design Solutions

Deborah Coburn, Design Consultant, Naturally Inspired
San Francisco's Eco-tough Green Building Code

Moderator: Phil Williams, Vice President, Chair, Mayor's Task Force on Green Building, Webcor Builders
405 Green Point Rated: California Residential Rating System

Brian Gitt, Executive Director, Build It Green
AIA Unit CreditThe Science of Zero Energy Homes

James Bill, Architect, Inkmoon Architects
Green Building and Initiatives - the Canadian Context

Bill Semple, Senior Researcher, Sustainable Housing Policy and Research, CMHC
Vivian Manasc, Senior Principal, Manasc Isaac Architects
Andrew Bowerbank, Executive Director World Green Building Council, Canada Green Building Council/Greater Toronto Chapter
406 AIA Unit CreditThe Shape of Green: Aesthetics and Sustainable Design

Lance Hosey, Co-author, Women in Green
AIA Unit CreditWater Myths and New Plumbing Products

John Koeller, P.E., California Urban Water Conservation Council
Follow the Yelow Brick Road to the Emerald City-Guiding Your Community Toward a Green Building Program

Bob Massaro, CEO, Healthy Buildings Management Group, Inc.
Peter Bruck, Building Official, City of Rohnert Park
Jill Savery, M.E.M., Sustainability Adviser, PMC,
Moderator: Jim Carney, Senior Management Advisor, PMC
407 AIA Unit CreditPrefabulous: Factory-Built Options for Residential Construction

Sheri Koones, Author & Journalist - SBIC, NAREE, ASJA
AIA Unit CreditLEED for Homes Pilot Overview

Alistair Jackson, O’Brien and Co.
Ann Edminster, Principal, Design AVEnues
Jay Hall, Phd, Director of Research, Building Knowledge
California Mayors Speak About Green

Tom Bates, Mayor, City of Berkeley
Ronald Loveridge, Mayor, City of Riverside, CA
Gil Friend, CEO, Natural Logic
AIA Unit CreditDeep Innovation: Design for Behavior Change

Allison Arieff, Senior Content Lead, IDEO
AIA Unit CreditDesigning through the Lens of Human Well Being

Chris Waugh, Practice Lead, Consumer Experience Design, IDEO
AIA Unit CreditGetting to Demand-Side Sustainability

Steve Bishop, Sustainability Domain Lead, IDEO
415 Creating Communities of Change: What We Learned in the Codes Forest

David Eisenberg, Co-author, The Straw Bale House, Co-Founder and Director, The Development Center for Appropriate Technology
Purpose Passion Profit: Motto Panel

Anita Sharpe, Co-Founding Editor, Motto Magazine
Tom Feegel, Chief of Staff, Live Earth, Principal, Brand Neutral
Stories from Luminaries

Sim Van der Ryn, Author, Ecological Design, Van der Ryn Architects