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2007 Daily Schedule

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Larkin Hall Opening Plenary
Larkin Hall

Ed Mazria, Founder, Architecture 2030, Author, The Passive Solar Energy Book

Erin Brockovich, Research Consultant, Masry & Vittoe, President, President Brockovich Research & Consulting

Ray Anderson, Chairman, Interface, Inc.
Design for an Age of Ecology: Reinventing the Future

John Todd, Founder, Ocean Arks International
World Premier of Remodel 2030, Creator & Producer, Michael Matteoli of Hi-Fi Productions
Larkin Hall
Real, Relevant and "Do-able" Green Building- by Design

Peter Pfeiffer, FAIA, Founding Principal, Barley & Pfeiffer Architects
Surpassibilty: Mapping the New Story and Pattern for a Resilient Society

Sim Van der Ryn, Author, Ecological Design, Van der Ryn Architects
  Green to the Extreme: Solutions for the Climate Change

Donald Simon, Attoney, Wendel, Rosen, Block & Dean
302 Natural Homes - Homes We Love

Robyn Griggs-Lawrence, Editor-in-Chief, Natural Home Magazine
The West's Green Building Trends, Past, Present and Future – Including Your Inspired Ideas

Peter Whiteley, Senior Writer, Sunset Publishing
Dan Gregory, Senior Editor, Sunset Magazine
Motto Magazine: Bringong Values into Your Business

Kevin Salwen, Co-Founder, MOTTO Media
Anita Sharpe, Co-Founding Editor, Motto Magazine
Media Salon
AIA Unit CreditMaking Your Heating, Air Conditioning, & Ventilation Much More Efficient

John Proctor, P.E., President, Proctor Engineering
AIA Unit CreditWay Beyond The Basics: Indoor Air and Sustainable Buildings

Hal Levin, Research Architect, Building Ecology Research Group
AIA Unit CreditInterior Design For the Health of the Environment

Eugene Lisa, VP Sales & Marketing, Verde Interior Products
304 AIA Unit CreditMulti-Story Strawbale Buildings in California Seismic Zone Four

Gary Black, Professional Engineer and Architecture Professor, University of California, Berkeley
AIA Unit CreditCities, Green Building, and the Building Code

Peter Bruck, Building Official, City of Rohnert Park
Systems Theory in Business and Daily Life

Angela Browne-Miller, PhD Director, Metaxis Institute
305 Marketing Yourself as a Green Building Professional

Marc Richmond, President, Practica Consulting
AIA Unit CreditCreating Spaces that are Psychologically Green

Heather Christensen, Principal, Panergetics LLC
David Fraser, Founding Principal, Panergetics LLC
AIA Unit CreditMaking Green Affordable Housing Work in Your Community: A Guide for Policy Makers and Developers

Heather Larson, California Multifamily New Homes Program Manager, Heshong Mahone Group, Inc. Cyane Dandridge, Executive Director, Strategic Energy Innovations
Michael Sigala, Manager, City of Fresno
David Mogavero, Principal, Mogavero Notestine Associates
Jeffrey Summerville, Project Manager, Strategic Energy Innovations
Renner Johnston, Associate, Mogavero Notestine Associates
306 AIA Unit CreditOptimizing the Relationship Between Humanity, the Built Environment, and Forest Landscapes

Ian Hanna, Director - Northwest Certified Forestry, Northwest Natural Resource Group
AIA Unit CreditSustainable Building that Promotes Healthy Living

Carl Smith, CEO, GREENGUARD Environmental Institute
AIA Unit CreditGreenstorming: Raising Our Sustainable IQs

Kari Foster, Interior Designer, Associates 3
Annette Stelmack, Founder/Eco-Consultant/Author, Associates 3/Inspirit Design
Debbie Hindman, Marketing Coordinator, Associates III Interior Design
307 AIA Unit CreditGetting Serious about Sustainable Buildings: Setting Targets and Measuring Performance

Hal Levin, Research ArchitectBuilding Ecology Research Group
AIA Unit CreditTraining Your Trade Contractor: Effective Performance-Based Management Systems

Carl Seville, Principal, Seville Consulting
AIA Unit CreditTwo Luxury Homes that meet or exceed Ratings: Leed for Homes - Platinum and Built Green Colorado

Irene Rawlings, Editor, Mountain Living Magazine
Steve Glenn, CEO, Living Homes
Ken Pieper, Builder, Ken Pieper and Associates
312 AIA Unit CreditNAHB Green Building Overview

Ray Tonjes, Chairman and Founder, Ray Tonjes Builder, Inc. and Chairman of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Green Building Subcommittee
AIA Unit CreditRenewable Energy Districts: Greening San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza

Tony Irons AIA, Deputy General Manager of Capital Projects, Public Utilitities Commission
Greening the Community Through Colleges

Larry Eisenberg, Executive Director, Facilities Planning and Development
Woodrow Clark, Energy Director, Los Angeles Community College District
Amily Huang, Registered Architect / Faculty, City College of San Francisco
313 AIA Unit CreditDesign Technology for On-Site Water Management

Josiah Cain, Landscape Architect and Ecological Designer, Rana Creek Living Architecture
AIA Unit CreditLiving Architecutre-Incorporating Ecologoical Function Into the Built Environment

Paul Kephart, Exective Director, Rana Creek
Mark Palmer, Municipal Green Building Coordinator, City of San Francisco, SF Environment
AIA Unit CreditHighlighting Green Home Rating Systems: The Value of Metrics

Jay Hall, Phd, Director of Research, Building Knowledge
Don Mull JD, Program Director, California Green Builder
Brian Gitt, Executive Director, Build It Green
Ray Tonjes, Chairman and Founder, Ray Tonjes Builder, Inc. and Chairman of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Green Building Subcommittee
Matt Golden, President, Sustainable Spaces
314 AIA Unit CreditBiomimetics, Making Places Work as Nature Intended

Eugene Tsui, AIA, NCARB, APA, Ph.D., Principal, Tsui Design & Research, Inc.
AIA Unit CreditCalifornia Green Builder: A Collaborative Case Study

Don Mull JD, Program Director, California Green Builder
Justin Dunning, Partner/Manager, California Green Builder
AIA Unit CreditAdventures in Going Green - Product or Design, It’s About Doing It Right!

James Sheppard, President, Vetrazzo, LLC
Deitmar Brand, President, Green Home Center
Rich Harley, Sales Representative, Beronio Lumber
Michael Pastryk, President, Liberty Valley Doors
Nick Greene, Healthy Home Consultant, Eco-Terric
Moderator: Zany Rumon, Consultant, The Green Home Center of San Francisco
315 AIA Unit CreditLifecycle Thinking

Mike Italiano, CEO, Market Transformation to Sustainability, Founder/Director/CEO Board, USGBC, Sustainable Products Corporation
Bobbie Lippiatt, Economist, National Institute of Standards and Technology
The Precautionary Principle

Debbie Raphael, Toxics Reduction/Green Building Program Manager, SF Department of the Environment
AIA Unit CreditRemodel It Green

Carl Seville, Principal, Seville Consulting
Michael McCutcheon, President, McCutcheon Construction, Inc
Connie McCullah, Principal, Odin’s Hammer
Dennis McCullah, Principal, Odin’s Hammer
James Bill, Architect, LEED AP, CGBP, Inkmoon architects
316 Green Communities: What We Now Know, What We Are Learning and What Still Baffles Us

Jim Heid, Founder, Urban Green
AIA Unit CreditCollaboration: Designing More Than The Client Asks

Nancy Malone, AIA, LEED AP, Principal, Siegel & Strain Architects
Bruce King, Director, Founder and Structural Engineer, Author, Buildings of Earth and Straw and Making Better Concrete
Rebecca Coffman, Landscape Architect, Rebecca Coffman Landscape Architects
Beyond Conflict, the Stuff You Didn't Learn in School

Phil Kline, President, Kline Construction
317 AIA Unit CreditGetting Certified Lumber into Buildings

Duncan MacKenzie, FSC Marketing, Natural Forest Distribution
Troy Bevilaqua, Director Of Purchasing, North Bay Division, Christopherson Homes
Mike Lipke, President, Trillium Pacific
Sustainability From a General Contractor's Perspective

Phil Williams, Vice President, Webcor Builders
Giving Consumers What They Don't Know They Want

Shyam Kannan, Vice President/Director of Research and Development, RCLCO
Jason Pelletier, Co-Founder, Low Impact Living, Inc.
AIA Unit CreditWater Management

Mark Laliberte, Building Science Specialist and Trainer, Building Knowledge
AIA Unit CreditWindows and Foundations

Mark Laliberte, Building Science Specialist and Trainer, Building Knowledge
AIA Unit CreditMechanicals (HVAC), Advanced Construction Methods, and Marketing Green

Mark Laliberte, Building Science Specialist and Trainer, Building Knowledge
404 Tips on Green PR: Practical Strategies to Get in the News

Joanie Parsons, President, Parsons Public Relations
AIA Unit CreditLandscapes Working in the Bay Area

Sarah Sutton, Principal, Design Community & Environment
Kate Kurtz, Soil Scientist, Soil Control Lab
Sherri Osaka, Founder, Sustainable Landscape Designs
AIA Unit CreditReuse Materials in Design

Robert Reed, Director of Corporate Communications, Norcal Waste Systems
Dan Knapp, Executive Director, Urban Ore
Karl Wanaselja, Architect, Leger Wanalselja Architecture
Richard McFarland, President, TerraMai - Reclaimed Woods from Around the World
Moderator: Patrick Hayes, Recycling Program Specialist, City of Oakland
405 AIA Unit CreditTotal Energy Solution for Your Home and Business

Gary Gerber, President & Cofounder, Sun Light and Power
Green Economies, Shaping a Better World

Kevin Danaher, Co-founder, Global Exchange
Greg Roberts, The Green Festival
Public Speaking for Real People

Lee Glickstein, Founder, Speaking Circles International
406 Behind the Numbers - Measuring the Market Demand for Green Homes

Shyam Kannan, Vice President/Director of Research and Development, RCLCO
AIA Unit CreditFinancing Your Projects: Why Green Homes are Valuable

Leanne Tobias, Founder and Principal, Malachite LLC
Mike Italiano, CEO, Market Transformation to Sustainability, Founder/Director/CEO Board, USGBC, Sustainable Products Corporation
Growing Sustainable Leaders

Donald MacNaughton, Executive Coach and Leadership Development Specialist, Zoned in Performance
407 AIA Unit CreditMarketing Green-Strategies for Greening the Supply Chain

Judi Ettlinger, Director Of Marketing, Polaris, Inc.
Greg Stine, Founder & President, Polaris
The Katrina Cottage Story: The Value of Design

Marianne Cusato, Designer, Cusato Cottages, LLC
AIA Unit CreditJust Enough Technology - Modern Earthen Building

Kevin Rowell, International Program Director, Kleiwerks International
Nathaniel Corum, Design Director, Indigenous Community Enterprises / Architecture for Humanity
414 AIA Unit CreditDevelopers and Remodelers: Take it to the Next Level

Geof Syphers, Chief Sustainability Officer, Codding Enterprises
Peter Yost, Residential Program Manager, BuildingGreen, Inc.
Hot Topics: Bring Your Ideas to Life!   2:00-5:30

Myan Baker, Senor Consultant, Economic Transformations Group
Eric R. Hansen, PhD, President, Economic Transformations Group
David Sibbet, President, Grove Design & Consulting Services
415 Stories from Luminaries

Raymond Cole, Professor, School of Architecture, University of British Columbia
David Eisenberg, Co-author, The Straw Bale House, Co-Founder and Director, The Development Center for Appropriate Technology
Evolution to Revolution: The Triple Top Line

Tom Paladino, President, Paladino and Company, Inc.
Women in Green

Allison Arieff, Senior Content Lead, IDEO
Michelle Kaufmann, Principal, Michelle Kaufmann Designs
Susan Ubbelohde, Co-author, Women in Green, Director
Moderator: Lance Hosey, Co-author, Women in Green
Moderator: Kira Gould, Co-author, Women in Green, William McDonough and Partners