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2007 Daily Schedule

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Main Content Tracks

ROOM 8:30 - 10:00 10:30 - 12:00 12:00 - 2:30 2:00 - 3:00 3:30 - 4:30
Larkin Hall Opening Plenary
Larkin Hall

Van Jones, Esq. President, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

Ed Begley, Jr., Host, Living With Ed on HGTV

Bill Weihl, Green Energy Czar, Google
New Possibilities for Community Empowerment

Van Jones, Esq., Director, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
RIBA-USA Awards Ceremony

12:00 - 2:00
Meet Bay Friendly Landscapers in Room 307 and get your touch questions answered
  Prefab Green

Michelle Kaufmann, Principal, Michelle Kaufmann Designs
302 The West's Green Building Trends Past, Present and Future – Including Your Inspired Ideas.

Peter Whiteley, Senior Writer, Sunset Publishing
Dan Gregory, Senior Editor, Sunset Magazine
Living the Change

Wanda Urbanska, Host/Producer, Simple Living Public Television Series
Betsy Rosenberg, Host, EcoTalk
Kimm Lawson, UK
Media Salon
AIA Unit CreditAn Inside Look at Marketing and Financing Green

Dave Porter, MIRM, First Vice President Northwest Division Builder Manager, Countrywide Home Loans, National Builder Divison
Chris Bartle, President, Green Key Real Estate
Diane Glenn, Owner, The Construction Consultants
AIA Unit CreditWhy Green Buildings Make Sense for Investors

Peter Liu, Founder and Vice Chairman, New Resource Bank
AIA Unit CreditGraywater and Wetlands: Doable at Home

Babak Jacinto Tondre, Permaculture/Builder/Social Justice Activist, EcoHouse/ Ecology Center
304 AIA Unit CreditHear Today, Green Tomorrow: Creating Healthy Homes for Our Children

Ron and Lisa Beres, Owners, Green Nest
AIA Unit CreditDemystifying Sustainability: The Smart Path

Miriam Karell, Sustainability Strategist, Three Point Vision
AIA Unit CreditGreen Design 101

Larry Strain, Principal, Siegel & Strain Architects
305 AIA Unit CreditDouble Duty: Working Landscapes for Urban Settings

Jane Martin, Director, Plant*SF
AIA Unit CreditEnergy Efficient Lighting: Answers to Common Questions

Greg Thorson, CEO and Founder, Environmental Lights
AIA Unit CreditPredicting and Preventing the Effects of Climate Change on Buildings

John Banta, Certified Associate Industrial Hygienist, Restoration Consultants, Inc.
306 AIA Unit CreditCatalyzing Change: Green Building Education

Andres Edwards, President, Edutracks
Michael Murray,President, Lucid Design Group
Pete Gang,Principal, LEED AP, Common Sense Design
Alec Hoffmann,Green Building Coordinator, County of Marin
AIA Unit CreditThe Synergy between Biology and Ecology

Paula Baker-Laporte, CEO, Baker-Laporte and Associates
A Vision of Green Cities: New containers for vibrant city life

David Dobereiner, Principal, David Dobereiner, Architect
307 AIA Unit CreditGet the Gardening Help You Need: Ask a Bay-Friendly Expert

Jeanne Nader, Program Manager, StopWaste.Org
Martha Berthelson, Program Manager, The Watershed Project
AIA Unit CreditHow To Design a Bay Friendly Garden

Jeanne Nader, Program Manager, StopWaste.Org
Martha Berthelson, Program Manager, The Watershed Project
312 AIA Unit CreditIndicators in Action: Sustainable Santa Monica

Stuart Cooley, Energy Efficiency Engineer, City of Santa Monica
Karl Bruskotter, Environmental Programs Analyst, City of Santa Monica
Shannon Parry, LEED AP, Senior Environmental Analyst, City of Santa Monica
San Francisco's Renewable Energy Future

Jared Blumenfeld, Director, San Francisco Department of the Environment
Integrating Green Schools into Your Neighborhood

Charles Eley, Executive Director, Collaborative For High Performance Schools
Moderator: Kristen Heinen, CHPS, Inc., Assistant Director
313 AIA Unit CreditThe Inside Story: A Panel of Experts on Green Paints and Plasters

Janie Lowe, Yolo Colorhouse
Carol Baumgartel, VP of Marketing, American Clay
Meredith Aronson, Green Planet Paints
Cyril Vanbatten, Mediteranean Color
Orit Yanai, Principal, Orit Yanai, Inc
Virginia Young, Co-Founder, Yolo Colorhouse
Moderator: Deborah Coburn, Design Consultant, Naturally Inspired
Digital Storytelling

Joe Lambert, Executive Director, Center for Digital Storytelling
314 AIA Unit CreditA Carbon Neutral Development: How Telling the Story Creates the Change

Wendy Timmons, Director of Business Development, ENN- The Environmental News Network
Carrie Schluter, Principal, P3 Media, LLC
Sean Rodrigues, Principal, Northstreet Partners, LLC
Jake Whiteley, Principal, Northstreet Partners, LLC
AIA Unit CreditOnline and Offline Resources for Green Materials and Design

Miriam Landman, Green building advisor and writer, M. Landman Communications & Consulting
Tom Lent, Policy Director, Healthy Building Network
AIA Unit CreditEngaging Youth in Energy Efficiency and Green Building

Stephen Miller, Program Director, Strategic Energy Innovations
Kif Scheuer, Project Coordinator, Strategic Energy Innovations
315 Homeowner Perspectives on Remodeling

James Seligman, Documentary Filmmaker, Kaweah Cottage
Paul Holland, General Partner, Foundation Capital
Tracy Villareal, Assistant Professor, University of Texas
Harry Kraft, Green Homeowner
AIA Unit CreditGreen Residential Design by Bay Area Architects

Henry Siegel, Principal, Siegel & Strain Architects
Anni Tilt, Principal, Arkin Tilt
David Arkin, AIA, Principal, Arkin Tilt Architects
Cate Leger, Principal, Leger Wanaselja Architecture
Homeowner Perspectives on New Construction

Various Homeowners
316 Closing the Loop-How to Ensure that all Buildings Provide Productive, Healthy Environments

Moderator: Laura Rodormer, Commercial Green Building Coordinator, Department of the Environment, SF Environment
  Mixed Greens: Combined Wisdom from an Architect, Interior Designer, Builder & Energy Consultant

Jennifer Gadiel, Interior Designer, LEED AP, Kwan Henmi Architecture Planning, Inc.
David Waldorf, Senior Assoiciate, Organic Architect
Chris Nelder, Energy Consultant/Writer, Energy and Capital
Tarek Halim, Builder and Principal, EcotopiArc Design and Build
317 AIA Unit CreditBiology of Buildings

Vicki Warren, Program Director, International Institute for Bau-Biologie & Ecology (IBE)
Paula Baker-Laporte, CEO, Baker-Laporte and Associates
AIA Unit CreditBamboo Buildings: 600 Square Feet in Two Days

Darrel DeBoer, Architect, DeBoer Architects
The Science Behind Natural Daylighting: Impacts on Productivity and Health

Forrest Linebarger, Principal, Vox Design Group
403 AIA Unit CreditThe Future of Energy: A Visionary Perspective

Alexandra von Meier, Associate Professor, Environmental Studies and Planning, Sonoma State University
Bill Weihl, Green Energy Czar, Google
Joe Jordan, Physicist, Sky Power Institute
Moderator: Darren Bouton, Senior Program Manager, PG&E
Choosing the Best Water Purification Device for Your Home
Room 403

Debra Lynn Dadd, Author, Home Safe Home, DLD Communications
Green Interiors are Easier Than You Think
Room 403

Patricia Gaylor, Interior Designer, Eco Designs by Patricia Gaylor
404 AIA Unit CreditThree Basics of Energy Efficiency

Charlie Popeck, President, Green Ideas
Tony Napolitano, Publisher, Smart HomeOwner Magazine
Raising the Bar: Appliances Incorporating Green

Mark Johnson, Senior Manager of Architecture & Design Marketing, Whirlpool
AIA Unit CreditGet Back to Nature without Leaving Home

Carol Venolia, Architect and Director, EcoDwelling Program, New College
405 AIA Unit CreditCreating Green Spaces That Nourish the Spirit

Shannon Del Vecchio, Feng Shui & Interior Design, Tranquil Spaces Design Group
AIA Unit CreditDoes Green Always Mean Healthy? Beyond Ingredient Lists and Jargon.

Mary Cordaro, President and Founder H3Environmental, Certified Bau-Biologist
406 AIA Unit CreditRecipes for a Healthier Kitchen

Jennifer Roberts, Author, Good Green Kitchens
AIA Unit CreditIndigenous Clues to Long Term Design

Craig Henritzy, Principal, The Studio Of Indigenous Designs
AIA Unit CreditMission Driven Design: Creating a Sustainable Future

Marsha Maytum, Principal, Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects
407 AIA Unit CreditGreen Real Estate: Where Are We Now, and Where Are We Headed?

Jim Simon, Green Mortgage Broker, CMG Mortgage Services
Jenny Shore, Mortgage Planner, Alternative Mortgage Sources
Michelle Stephens, Realtor, Ford Real Estate
George Koster, Realtor, Century 21 Tahoe Sierra Real Estate Associates
George Pires, Senior Loan Consultant, Princeton Capital
AIA Unit CreditGreen Gardens: Bright Ideas for Landscaping and Design

Peter Whiteley, Senior Writer, Sunset Publishing
AIA Unit CreditHow to Remodel without Getting a Divorce

Debra Lynn Dadd, Author, Home Safe Home, DLD Communications
Larry Redalia, Builder, DLD Communications
414 AIA Unit CreditDesigning a Highly Energy Efficient Home
(please bring your laptop)

Murray Milne, Research Professor, UCLA Dept. of Archtiecture and Urban Design
AIA Unit CreditGreywater, Rainwater, and Composting Toilets- Reconnecting Your Home to the Water Cycle

Laura Allen, Educator, Graywater Guerrillas
415 Women in Green

Michelle Kaufmann, Principal, Michelle Kaufmann Designs
Joanie Parsons, President, Parson Public Relations
Irene Rawlings, Editor, Mountain Living Magazine
Christi Graham, Executive Producer, West Coast Green
Beatrice Stonebanks, Publisher, Builder Architect Magazine
Moderator: Katie Tamoni, Editor-in-Chief, Sunset Magazine
Racquel Palmese, Managing Editor, Green Technology Magazine
Hunter Lovins, Founder & President, Natural Capitalism
Natural Capitalism for Governments

Hunter Lovins, Founder & President, Natural Capitalism
Green Media 2.0: Optimism and Authenticity

Brian Back, Founding Editor and Publisher, Sustainable Industries
Bryan Welch, Publisher and Editorial Director, Ogden Publications