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Homeowner Day

We recognize that informed consumers are the new force driving the market. Among its many innovations, West Coast Green is proud to provide a special Homeowner Day open to the public for access to the full tradeshow as well as special presentations geared to the homeowner’s specific curiosities and knowledge levels. You’ll have direct access to the information, products, suppliers, and implementers needed for your green architectural and remodeling dreams to become a reality. You can expect to find:

  • Answers to every question you have and to many you never even knew you had
  • Opportunities to meet the vendors, touch and compare products, and learn all about what goes into creating your
         new recycled countertop.
  • Learn enough to specify many of your own materials.
  • If you’re the one slinging the hammer, you’ll get all the hot tips you need to hit the nail on the head (into
         certified, sustainably harvested lumber, of course).

Get the Gardening Help You Need … Ask a Bay-Friendly Expert

Bay Friendly

This presentation will provide home gardeners with an overview of the Bay-Friendly philosophy and approach that they can use to make their gardens sustainable, beautiful and healthy. The expert panel of Bay-Friendly Qualified Landscapers will field questions about tricky problems and challenges people have faced in their respective gardens and give them Bay-Friendly practice tips. They will also be available for one-on-one question and answer.

12-2 pm (in the BF room)
Bay-Friendly Qualified Landscapers will be on hand to answer questions about gardening challenges and sustainable practices. There will also be information about numerous Bay-Friendly Gardening resources.

Design A Bay-Friendly Garden

Bay FriendlyUsing the Bay-Friendly approach, participants will have the opportunity to design a section of their garden, and receive valuable feedback and pointers from professional landscape designers. They will also learn from other participants' design challenges. This is hands-on workshop.


Designing an Energy Efficient Home

Bring your laptop to this Hands-On Seminar in which you will learn how to use HEED (Home Energy Efficient Design), a free user-friendly design tool that shows you graphically how to design your home to precisely integrate your local climate in a way that maintains indoor comfort conditions while minimizing the use of depletable energy, the generation of greenhouse gasses, and the cost of operation. HEED is intended for homeowners, contractors and architects."

Home Graywater Systems and Constructed Wetlands: Design and Permits

Come learn what you can do to conserve up to 30,000 gallons of your home's fresh water use annually. By designing simple plumbing, technology and garden graywater systems you can accomplish just this. Diverting water from bathtubs, showers, bathroom sinks and laundry and using biodegradable soaps are a effective way of reusing and reducing home waste water. Appendix G of the California Uniform Plumbing Code permits the use of graywater in the garden. Through a colorful Powerpoint presentation we provide an excellent overview of the East Bay source and sink of fresh water, from protected watershed to sewage treatment plant. We then proceed to explain the benefits, design, and construction of California's first permitted and approved residential Graywater/ Constructed Wetland System. By graywatering we as Californians not only conserve a vital resource, we gain an oasis in our backyards from what was once a waste.