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SG Blocks, Harbinger House, Designed by Lawrence Group - Floorplan & Design

SG-Blocks ShowhouseFull Size Image - Downloadable PDF | Additional Lawrence Group Designs using SG Blocks

The visionary Harbinger House is being designed by The Lawrence Group and built by SG BLOCKS™. SG BLOCKS™ is a major partner and collaborator with Con Global Industries, the largest intermodal container depot operator in the country. On the surface it seems that the use of SG BLOCKS™ is about recycling, but it is far more than that. It is about Value-Cycling™.

Value-Cycling™ is taking a product that has fulfilled a primary purpose and finding another use for it without spending significant new energy and resources to convert it to another use. SG BLOCKS™ utilizes significant intellectual engineering resources as opposed to natural resources in the conversion process.

In other words, the process uses the value and power of thought to reuse containers into a useful "green" product – with minimal amounts of energy. Value-Cycling™ is a commitment of SG BLOCKS™ and makes it the ideal building block for building numerous types of safe structures.

SG BLOCKS™ is the leader in the United States with regard to application of the technology to real life and real time building issues and intends to parlay this leadership into a significant business over the next two years.

Multifamily News has named The Lawrence Group one of the Top 100 Multi-housing Architects. Their mission is to help clients realize their dreams. Their mission has remained consistent since the firm's founding, and remains the focus of everything they do. The Lawrence Group is one of the largest and fastest growing architectural, interior design and town planning firms with offices and visionaries in SLouis, Austin, Carolinas, Denver, New York, Philadelphia and Beijing.

Onsite At The Conference & Expo

SG-Blocks ShowhouseFull Size Image - Downloadable PDF

Central to the conference, the visually compelling SG Blocks, Harbinger House, Designed by Lawrence Group will be visited by 14,000 people over three days. It will be surrounded by over 400 booths and will be positioned along “Main Street”. Guests will be supplied with an informative pocket guide that will outline the home's design, construction, features, sponsors, partners and contributors.

The conference program will include both breakout sessions as well as keynote presentations that illuminate the important features of the home, including a keynote presentation by noted artist Chris Jordan, who will speak about the SG Blocks, Harbinger House, Designed by Lawrence Group in relation to it's shipping containers core.

Why Shipping Containers

Shipping ContainersWith America exporting so little, shipping companies are looking for new ways to use the 8,000-pound containers because they are increasingly too expensive to ship back to their point of origin.

The abundant containers are extremely inexpensive, ranging from $500 to $2,000, and are therefore an invaluable material for building affordable hurricane resistant housing.

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