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The Official After-Party at the California Academy of Sciences!

What: West Coast Green VIP After Party
Where: California Academy of Sciences
When: Saturday, October 3. 2009 from 6:30 to 11:00 pm

What happens when the most innovative Green conference for the built environment teams up with the most innovative museum on the planet? An unforgettable social evening with purpose, of course!

Attendees at this special VIP reception for our sponsors, keynote speakers, panelists and Conference participants will enjoy an evening of dancing, libations, and music under the swooping living roof of the largest LEED Platinum-rated public building and greenest museum in the world, The California Academy of Sciences.

Photo by Tim Griffith

Tickets for the After-Party are now available online, and are complimentary for Full Conference attendees (not including one-day conference passes).

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Sensible City Sensible City presents: Perceiving Home: An Ecological View of the Cosmos

Visions of the cosmos profoundly influence our interpretations of reality, shaping the lenses through which we perceive the world. While mechanistic metaphors have dominated our understanding since the scientific revolution, contemporary sciences are discovering a universe that is complex, dynamic, evolving, and self-organizing. The most radical findings have revealed systemic interconnections across phenomena at micro and macro scales that have contributed to the genesis and sustenance of life. Perceiving Home visualizes some of these connections through an immersive journey across vast scales of time and space within Cal Academy's new state-of-the-art Morrison Planetarium. Using an interactive 3D atlas of the observable universe, it explores how an emerging ecological paradigm is shifting our perspectives on global and cosmic life support systems and transforming perceptions of our home planet.

Perceiving Home will be presented by media artist David McConville, the Director of Noospheric Research of The Elumenati and a Director of the Buckminster Fuller Institute . Live musical accompaniment will be provided by violist Christen Lien , a classically trained violist that performs original compositions using guitar effects and a looping machine that are a beautiful mixture of East and West, classical and postmodern, and acoustic and electronic.

Presentations will be at 8:00 & 9:30 in the Morrison Planetarium at the California Academy of Sciences. Admission is included with your West Coast Green After-Party ticket!

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