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West Coast Green 2011 Educational Tracks

We are currently in development for our 2011 conference. Our list of 2010 tracks is a good reference for the breadth of topics covered at our last conference.

2010 educational sessions and summits focused on the following topics:

Better Business, Branding & Social Innovation

  • Emerging Business Models
  • Financing the Clean Economy
  • Strategies for Social Innovation: Crowdsourcing, “Slacktivism”, Web 2.0
  • Best Practices for the New Economy
  • Making Green Business Smart Business
  • Marketing with Meaning
  • Innovative and Transformative Corporate Messaging

Future Communities 4.0

  • Zero Energy Building
  • Passive & Prefab Housing
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Cross-Sector Integration: Technology, Transportation & Infrastructure
  • Integrative Design
  • 2011 CalGreen Building Code
  • Retrofit Programs
  • Gaming for Real World Positive Impact
  • Game Changing Policies

Cool Tech & Hot Products

  • Hot New Green Building Materials
  • Innovative Products & Technologies - Local & Global

Energy + H20

  • Alternative Energy Generation
  • Distributed Renewable Energy
  • Water & Energy Nexus
  • Ecological Bionics
  • EPA Water-Saving Program
  • Tech Tools for Transformation: BIM & Energy Modeling

Entrepreneurship Training

  • How to Develop Your Great Idea
  • Creating a Business Plan
  • Building a Team
  • Getting Funding

Smart Grid = Smart Cities

  • Intelligent Systems for Energy & Communication
  • Embedding Intelligence into the Built Environment
  • Emerging opportunities for the Smart Grid & EV Transportation
  • Smart Meters, Dashboards, and Metrics
  • Building Energy Management Systems


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