Organic Wool Comforters

There’s nothing like a wool comforter to pull up around your ears on those cold, starry nights. And just knowing that you’re surrounded by naturally hypoallergenic, organic fibers contributes even more to a healthy, good night’s sleep.

So, what’s the best organic wool comforter?

The Short Answer

Just want the lowdown? Here’s the best organic wool comforter for the price:

1. Sleep and Beyond Organic Wool Comforter [$319 + Free Shipping and Returns]

Why It’s Number 1:

  • 400-thread-count organic sateen exterior
  • certified organic wool stuffing
  • hypoallergenic warmth without the worry of cumulative chemical toxicities
  • durability that lasts for years

Hands down, we found the Sleep & Beyond Organic Merino Wool Comforter to have the most outstanding combination of quality, versatility and value of all of the comforters to which we compared it.

It comes in ivory, so it fits right in and even adds just a little extra touch of warmth to any color décor (certainly a plus when you’re already looking to keep warm). Choose from among Crib, Twin Full/Queen and/or King size so you get exactly as much comforter as you need.

Its 400-thread-count cotton sateen exterior is made to weather the vagaries of continual use to give you the right amount of toughness along with a smooth, luxurious feel that will make you want to snuggle right under.

Stuffed with high-quality wool, it has the right degree of natural thermoregulation to keep you warm throughout the year. From keeping you toasty on the coldest winter nights, to keeping you comfy on those summer nights when you just need to take off the chill, it can be used all year-round.

Whether you have sensitivities or not, this type of wool is light and great for everybody, even babies. It has many benefits that go beyond other types of wool, even certified organic wool. For one thing, its moisture-wicking properties can handle up to 30% of its own weight. This ensures that the stuffing will retain its air pockets to trap body heat. It also makes it much less prone to retain odors due to mildew-generating moisture like you can get with down. Add to that the reassurance that comes from knowing that this kind of wool has its own natural flame-resistant properties and you have a winner, which is why we chose this comforter to be number one.

Other Great Organic Wool Comforters

2. Organic Textiles Wool Comforter [$249.85 + Free Shipping]

Why People Love It:

  • exterior is 100% organic cotton
  • heavyweight
  • washable in cold water
  • Size choices include Crib; Twin; Queen, King and King XL

While wool is generally considered lightweight, this comforter is considered heavyweight. That’s because it contains about 30% more stuffing than most other comforters on the market.

Wool comforters, which are generally more durable than other types of comforters, look great and inviting on your bed. You can always use yours as a duvet insert so it will work with your decorating scheme, which will also yield the added benefit of increasing the comforter’s lifespan.

Although most owners were happy with this comforter, there was the occasional comment about shrinkage having occurred despite being washed in cold water. It’s good to keep in mind that this can sometimes happen not only because of the product but also because of other factors, including:

  • the type of detergent it’s washed in
  • whether it’s agitated so much that the fibers stick together
  • whether it goes into the dryer (some dryers run hotter than others)
  • even the degree of hardness, softness or purity of the water

This comforter would be great for cold sleepers, for people who live in climates that get colder than average for or people who just love to feel snug and cozy under a lot of comforter.

3. Holy Lamb Organics Comforter [$249.95 + Free Shipping]

Why People Love It:

  • 18-month payment plan available for $30.50/mo for King size
  • No dye, just a beautiful warm natural cream color
  • stuffed with lambs’ wool
  • available in 3 comfort levels: Cool Comfort, Perfect Comfort and Extra Warmth

Holy Lamb Organics processes its wool with natural enzymes. Why? Many of the problems that people used to have with wool were due to the toxic chemicals that were used to process it, including formaldehyde. Definitely not something that you’d want to have up against you while you slept. With enzyme processing, this isn’t an issue.

It’s easy to clean! No dry cleaning necessary to leave solvent residues on your comforter. This comforter can be washed with minimal shrinkage, thanks again to the enzyme process.

It comes in Crib, Twin, Queen, King and King XL sizes, and it has a 100% organic cotton sateen cover that gives it its overall luxurious silken texture. With so many good reasons to consider, who wouldn’t want to repurpose their bedding and wrap up in one of these?

There’s almost no one who couldn’t enjoy this comforter. With the 3 comfort levels option, this comforter provides the right degree of warmth whether you are a warm sleeper or live in a more temperate climate, a cool sleeper or live in a colder climate or sleep somewhere in the middle.

4. Ave Maria 100% Alpaca Wool-Filled Duvet Comforter [$369 + Free Shipping and Returns]

Why People Love It:

  • 12-month payment plan at $30.83/month
  • wicks 35% of its weight in moisture, keeping you drier and warmer
  • 400 thread-count 100% organic cotton exterior fabric
  • no lanolin

This comforter is made out of 100% organic cotton and 100% organic alpaca wool to keep you warm while looking good. Alpaca wool surpasses sheep’s wool in lightness, moisture absorption, durability and warmth. Each fiber is hollow, which means that the space inside can hold warm air to help keep you warm through the night.

Due to alpaca wool’s excellent thermoregulatory properties, there’s less stuffing in this comforter than would be needed to hold the same degree of warmth as sheep’s wool would. The result is a lighter, thinner-feeling comforter that looks beautiful with less bulk.

This comforter would be great for people who like to have the warmth without the bulk of weighty covers while they sleep.

5. Natura Organic Wool-Filled Comforter [$499 + Free Shipping]

Why People Love It:

  • sateen exterior of 100% cotton, organically-certified
  • 12-month payment plan at $41.58/month
  • stuffing is 10 ounces per square yard of 100% pure organic grow wool
  • special no-clump, no-lump construction

The Natura comforter could work well as a duvet insert perhaps even inside of a wool duvet for double the warmth. While its high-quality materials earned high ratings from many who bought it, it measures just a bit shy of being big enough to hang over the edges of the bed, which may make it a little skimpier in terms of coverage if used without a duvet.

This comforter would be great for anyone who wants to integrate the benefits and lightweight hypoallergenic warmth of organically-certified wool into a coordinated decorating scheme that has matched accessories. It fits nicely into your queen-sized duvet cover without standing out as separate.

6. Bio Sleep Concept Organic Wool Comforter [$337 + Free Shipping]

Why People Love It:

  • Dry-clean only but can be revitalized with sun and fresh air
  • Handmade
  • 100% organic cotton exterior with 100% organic stuffing of wool
  • US-made

While this comforter is definitely high-quality, one thing that we missed about it was washability. If you like it, then by all means consider it, but we found that some customers were pointing out that it needs to be handled by a dry-cleaner who is knowledgeable in this type of material. Many simply found that putting it out in the sun and fresh air was an effective way to revitalize it. Others recommended putting it in the dryer on the “fluff” setting (without heat).

Customers were generally pleased with this comforter except for one feature that kept appearing: the stuffing migrates, leaving areas of organic wool quilt that offer no stuffing and other areas with more than they started out with.

The materials in this comforter are of high quality and thoughtfully sourced, and most people who bought it felt that it did a good job of keeping them warm. As a result, this comforter is great for people who like to feel a weightier cover and live in a cold region.

7. Imongol 100% Organic Camel Wool Duvet [$266 + Free Shipping]

Why People Love It:

  • Hand-stitched to create greater loft for superior warmth retention
  • Choice of white, pale pink, grey or champagne
  • Can be custom-made to whatever size and stuffing weight you specify
  • Ancient traditional means of keeping warm among tribesmen, so it’s already tried and true

This unusual but highly-effective comforter is made of camel “down,” so it has some pretty amazing and enduring properties when it comes to weathering temperature extremes. Camels are some of the intrepid few who can survive in the desert, where temperatures can be hotter than hot during the daytime and well below zero degrees at night.

This comforter comes recommended for humid areas. Camel hair, like alpaca wool, is hollow, which allows it to trap air within each fiber and retain heat that way. A camel-hair comforter or blanket can absorb up to 6 times the amount of moisture that sheeps’ wool can absorb. The result is that it provides a barrier between you and the moisture of the elements, keep you dry and warm inside of it.

This comforter is moderately washable, meaning that it can be washed, but only occasionally, and aired outside in the sun and air for an hour or two (no more than that) in between. Definitely no dry cleaning is recommended.

Camel hair is called “soft gold” in Mongolia because it is brushed off of a young camel’s underbelly at the rate of only 3 kilograms/year, making it even rarer than cashmere. This comforter is great for people who might spend a lot of time outdoors, whether they camp, travel or just live in places that tend to be cold and humid.

What To Look for In Your Organic Wool Comforter

Organic wool comforters are one of the healthiest, most versatile options available to keep you warm and comfortable. With natural flame resistance, effective moisture-wicking properties, hypoallergenicity and many other features including resistance to dust mites, organically-certified wool promotes sound, healthy sleep night after night. Or wrap up in it to watch tv or sit by the fire. Its natural thermoregulating capability allows it to adjust your personal climate to a comfortable range of warmth based upon your own body heat.

These comforters are fantastic for anyone who may have allergies or sensitivities to chemicals, synthetics or dust mites.

So, what matters most in your new comforter?


One thing we found a lot of people were wondering about is washability. We would answer that it depends upon the manufacturer’s process. Some of these products can be washed at home with gentle wool detergents, while others are better off dry-cleaned.

You can always do the same thing our great-grandmothers would have advised: put them out in fresh air and sunshine for a day!

The REAL, Actual Measurements

A Full/Queen size comforter may not hang far enough over the sides of a Queen-sized mattress–especially if you tend to move around while you sleep. Just know beforehand what dimensions you need. It’s easy to check the product descriptions online. You can also contact the company and ask for the dimensions.

Moisture Wicking

As you sleep, your body temperature lowers, but under a comforter you’re still in a closed environment. That means that along with the warmth, moisture from sweat and condensation will still accumulate. Wool has the ability to absorb moisture and release it back into the air, keeping you drier while you stay warm.

Keep in mind that even with its moisture-wicking properties, as with any fabric-based product, your woolen comforter will need to be stored away from excess humidity (assuming that you don’t wind up using it all year-round!).

Frequently Asked Questions About Wool Comforters

Why wool?

Wool is one of the most versatile natural fibers you can find. It’s relatively lightweight; it wicks moisture; it’s naturally odor, flame, and dust-mite-resistant; it’s an effective thermo-regulator to keep you in the “Goldilocks” zone, and it’s hypoallergenic.

Another great thing to remember is that sheep feel much better after getting a haircut, but birds need their feathers. So we also like wool because it’s more sustainable than other materials, including down.

Can people be allergic to wool?

Yes, although it’s rare, some people are allergic to it. That’s the beauty of merino. The problem seems to be that regular wool contains lanolin, a waxy substance that naturally coats wool fibers and gives the sheep its water-repellant coat. Superfine and Ultrafine Merino doesn’t have lanolin, and it’s been scientifically proven to cause no reaction.

How long will my comforter last?

All things being equal, it’s probably safe to say that comforters made of organically-certified wool will have a longer lifespan than many others.

Now, Go Snuggle Up To Some Wool!

As you can see, not all comforters are alike, even within the same class. One thing is certain though: a well-made comforter is a long-term investment, because with proper care and storage it will outlast many synthetics and perhaps even go for decades.

Not only that, but the organic certification lets you know that you are supporting one of the safer alternatives on the market, and promoting a healthier, more sustainable future.