Solar Energy

Solar panels are an important part of Americans’ lives today. Not only do Americans rely on solar power technology every day, but the solar industry contributes over $15 billion to the American economy with about 174,000 people employed full-time in solar energy related jobs.

But what are the benefits of installing solar panels to the average homeowner?

Here are a few:

1. Solar energy is adjustable to the needs of each individual.  A homeowner can choose how much power they want generated, and how much to use in their home. They can even choose not to use their panels at all if they don’t need them!  If a household has more people living there than usual, or one person who likes having hot water during an extra cold winter day, then that household can turn up their usage temporarily without worrying about bills for it later.

2. More freedom with your electricity bill; you aren’t tied down to one electric company anymore! If someone sees that their local utility service will be charging higher prices soon, then the household can get solar panels to avoid paying those prices when they rise.  Solar energy provides a sense of freedom and flexibility, allowing people to make their own choices with electricity prices and usage amounts.

3. Solar panels last for years and years, meaning that you won’t be needing to get new ones every couple of years like most appliances require. Decades of use without any problems is quite rare in today’s world; it makes solar panels less costly than other green technologies such as electric cars! Solar panels will likely not need replacing until the house itself needs some repairs or renovations (like repainting) anyway, which can coincide nicely with when the owner would want to replace them anyway.

4. Low maintenance – while household appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines do require occasional maintenance visits, solar panels require almost no maintenance at all. In fact, most people don’t even notice them except when there’s a bright sunny day and the power usage is high!  Solar panels only need to be cleaned once or twice a year, so those who have busy lives can still enjoy clean energy without having to take time away from their activities.

5. Consider what our country could do if we used more solar power technology-  by using solar energy on a larger scale for electricity, Americans could cut down on greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming and climate change. Solar power reduces reliance on coal, gas, and oil which pollute the environment as they burn by emitting carbon dioxide into the air.  If every household installed solar panels, Americans could reduce their collective carbon footprint by 75%!  This would be a huge step towards protecting our beautiful planet from the damage that humans have been causing for years.

There are many more benefits of solar panels than just these five, but this should give you a taste of some of the best reasons to incorporate solar power in your sustainable home.  By installing solar panels on some (or all) of your household’s electricity needs, you can make a big difference in how we use energy and also cut down on greenhouse emissions which cause climate change and global warming. So what are you waiting for?  Go green with solar power today!